Hamlet of Fort McPherson

P.O. Box 57

Fort McPherson

Northwest Territories

X0E 0J0 Canada

Office: 867-952-2428

Fax: 867-952-2725

Hamlet of Fort McPherson Privacy Statement

This statement applies to interactions with the Hamlet of Fort McPherson web server

Personal information
Personal information gathered via this website (i.e. name, e-mail address, phone numbers) is not lent, sold or shared with others, and is only used for those purposes outlined during the collection process. The information is stored on a secure server and is accessed only by our staff, or an approved contractor. Contact us if you have any questions.

Any questions regarding the web site and this privacy policy can be directed here . Email interactions are guided by general net-etiquette conventions.

Web server
This statement applies to interactions with the Hamlet of Fort McPherson web server. It does not apply to email sent to Hamlet of Fort McPherson elected officials or staff.

Our web host logs http requests to our site. These logs capture computer information and navigation and click-stream data, such as the originating IP (e.g. address of an agent requesting a URL and the email address of the site visitor if they have included it in their browser. This data is used in non-identifiable form for web site and system administration purposes. Logged information is not disclosed outside of the Hamlet of Fort McPherson personnel or those under contract to conduct maintenance to web server components. The logs are permanently archived as raw research material. The logs may not be accessed, opted out of or changed by server users.

Questions can be directed to here .

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